It is difficult to find a person who does not like dark chocolate and has not heard about its benefits. But not everyone knows that the healing properties of delicacies can be reduced to zero. And you can double – if you store the product correctly. The survey showed: 78% of people do not know anything about it.

Photo: Ekaterina Ivanova

It would seem that everything is known about chocolate. The researchers literally divided it into molecules, talking about the calorie content, the effect on the heart, blood vessels, and memory. Consumers have learned who will benefit from dark chocolate and who will not. But they missed an important point. For a product to be truly useful, it must not only be stored correctly, but also eaten at the right time.

Nutritionist Natalie Alibrandi in her Telegram channel told how to multiply the valuable properties of dark chocolate, what time is best to eat it and where to store it in order to preserve its exquisite taste, aroma and healing power.

The expert believes that chocolate should never lie in the refrigerator, where a high level of humidity is constantly maintained against the backdrop of a low temperature regime. The optimum temperature for storing a sweet product is 18 degrees Celsius.

To understand that dark chocolate was stored incorrectly, you need to break off a piece. The sharp sound of “crack” will confirm: these conditions have rendered the product practically useless. One more detail will help to understand that chocolate was stored incorrectly: it will crumble or melt in your hands.

Chocolate stored in the refrigerator has a different taste: like a sponge, it absorbs the smells of sausage, cheese, meatballs – everything that really requires a low temperature. As a rule, the delicacy is covered with a white coating and looks very unattractive.