Russian air defense systems performed poorly in the war, which is confirmed by the number of units destroyed.

HIMARS / photo

Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun systems “Pantsir-S1” did not prove themselves in the war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine burned many units of this equipment. And information about the shooting down of shells HIMARS with the help of the mentioned ZRPK was not confirmed in any way.

This statement was made by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, answering one of the questions live on YouTube. First, he revealed the technical characteristics of Pantsyr-S1. ZRPK has two 30-millimeter cannons and a missile channel with four guides, and its effective range is 5-7 kilometers. The machine has light armor and its own radar station for autonomous operation.

“He did not show himself effectively in this war. We burn these “Shells” quite successfully. By the way, these “Shells” were burned in Libya: they were put up to defend their positions, they were all burned. In Syria, they suffered heavy losses in these “Shells” -C1″. She [машина] turned out to be expensive, but not so effective,” Zhdanov said.

Then the military expert said that Russian propagandists claimed to have shot down all the HIMARS “missiles” when the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the Antonovskiy and Kakhovskiy bridges. Here, the work of “Shell-C1” was implied.

However, Zhdanov noted an important detail: HIMARS fire rockets that the Russian ZRPK is not capable of shooting down. It is designed to destroy low-flying low-speed targets. And ammunition for HIMARS at the end accelerates to 1000 meters per second.

According to the expert, the Israeli Iron Dome air defense systems can shoot down MLRS shells, but not with 100% probability. And Pantsiri-S1 is no match for them at all.

Cases of destruction “Pantsyr-S1”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in official reports often reported on the defeat of a cluster of enemy equipment, among which were the vaunted Russian air defense missile systems. One of these cases was fixed October 30, when, together with Pantsyr-S1, they burned a lot of self-propelled guns and howitzers.

The destruction of the ZRPK also happened October 20, when attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered 6 strikes on the deployment points of Buk-2M, Tor and Pantsyr-S1.

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