Sergei Svitavsky became the chosen one of the star. The man is far from the sphere of show business and prefers to avoid publicity. Even in the wedding photo published by the singer, he stands with his back to the camera, so his face is not visible.

The engagement of Alice Vox became known last winter, and now the couple has finally formalized their relationship. As the celebrity said, she and her fiancé decided to abandon the magnificent celebrations in order to spend this special day only together.

In addition, Vox did not wear a classic wedding dress. Instead, for the wedding ceremony, she chose a short sleeveless white satin dress. A light clutch and original high-heeled sandals from luxury brands, as well as pearl beads and a bracelet, completed the look.

The singer put her hair in a high hairstyle, and her wedding bouquet was very concise – only from white callas. In turn, Alice Vox’s husband chose a classic dark-colored suit for an important day.

Social network photo, authors Andrey Moiseev, Yana Ponara