Svj pbh pro BBC Vira Kryvoenkov also said. Valery Kuksa had just distributed food and food to her, a strong neighbor and old people who could not or did not want to run away from the Russians. It was just a stupid coincidence, and it was bad that he was spinning at the same time as the evil spirits. So Vira gave the Russian troops, who in the meantime, not Valery arrived, put V symbols on her car to avoid firing on departure.

Vira Kryvoenkov curled up on the ground at the front door and prayed. Valerij was from him, but she considered him her son. A young Russian soldier raised his weapon. Come back, grandma, ekl. He just knows how to push the car out of the way, that’s in the horseshoe, he said.

But Valerie, who was just fidgeting, was shot in the seat of the idia of his car, or a weapon on him, Vira said. He didn’t look back when they left. He looked straight ahead. He disappeared from the house and from her life.

Odeel au never spun

Before the invasion, Maria Sajenkov married her father Mykola all the time. He lived a few houses long in the village of Hurivyna, and in the dark he came to see her newborn baby every day. One day at the arrest of the Russian occupation bag disappeared. Odel from home and didn’t come back, said Maria. And no one has seen him anywhere since, she added.

Maria filed a police report through an automatic online service. We also went to nearby and remote villages, said Maria. But he was not up to the checkpoint. Neither dead nor iv. As if it worked out, add.

A few kilometers down the road, Julia Yylkov sat in a car on the road and stared at her brother Jakiv’s family photo on the phone. Vkov lasted only a year. We were as close as our siblings could be, said Julia. One day, Jakiv’s friend from the village called for gas. My brother said he would take the fuel from his friend and start drilling again, Julia explained. A few hours later, Ukrainian soldiers poured it on the edge of the dungeon. His body was littered with bullet drama. Julia didn’t manage to get to the car, they were all right and there were no days left. Julia still handed the police mucus and joined the long list of people waiting at first.

New and new mucus about the poached is still coming to the police station. They usually fill in standard police mucus, which the police take to the city every night, where they process it and upload it to the database. There, the team collects photos of the dead from city grids and publishes them on a public canal in the application for sending the Telegram first, along with a brief description of the press.

happy end?

Valeri Kuksa’s family waited a long time for the first time. Vira eventually decided to drive to the center of the region, which is the town of Bua, and asked the police in person. There, the police assured her that at first their colleagues from the city had a general system, and said that Valery was not on the list of identified dead.

According to them, there are at least 200 unidentified people in Bui and he could be among them. So they went to look at the telegram canal with the pictures of the ice cream. After all the photos were gone, she just cried.

I was due for all those people, she said. After a while, she tried not to look at the photos and just scanned the text to find anything that might match Valerie. In the end, she gave up.

When the car approached her house, she peered out the window. The road along the road stood on telegraph poles in the nests of Pi. In Ukrainian folklore, they mean that the houses below them are good family. The bag houses were littered with bullet drama or completely destroyed by grants.

Last week, her daughter Olen’s phone rang. They called from the office of Irina Vereukov. Valerij confirmed that Valerij was also identified as a civilian hostage in Russia. Where he is, or when Olena sees him again, she has failed. But he was naive. Back to nm. Repent, Olena added.