For several weeks now, the international media have been speculating about a possible matrimonial crisis between Kate Middleton and prince william. The news began with a statement by the Princess of Wales in a flower shop, in which she mentioned that her husband was treating her strangely and indifferently. After this, they have added the leak of some photos in which Prince William appears very happy and close with a woman, who is known to be a friend of the couple.

Although everything seemed to be going from bad to worse, which was really worrying for the prince william were the leaked photos of him with a woman, who claimed to be a friend of Kate’s. The strange thing about the subject is that they seem very close and affectionate despite the fact that they claim that they are just friends.

Despite the controversy, the princes of Wales will have to meet this Sunday at the BAFTA Awards ceremony, where the prince william He has served as President of the British Academy of Film and Television since 2010, since Kate Middleton recently he took advantage of his children’s school vacations to go to the Caribbean Island. Although the current status of their relationship is unknown, the truth is that both will have to show a united image at the event

For now, Buckingham Palace has maintained absolute silence regarding the current situation of the princes. Although some media insinuate that they could be going through a crisis, there is no sure evidence to confirm it, for this reason we only have to wait and see what happens in the next few days and how these rumors are resolved.