dating rumors between jungkook of BTS, and the South Korean actress Lee Yoobi, They are echoing again on social networks. That is why we bring you here that they were initially used to confirm the romance between the two artists.

In December 2021, a rumor came to light that Jungkook, the youngest member of the group of kpop bts, and actress Lee Yoo Bi, were dating. And the companies in charge of the two artists denied it, there were several media and journalists who affirmed the opposite.

Through an exhaustive collaboration made by a former entertainment reporter, it was confirmed that the two artists were dating until 2021 through an informant who knows the two celebrities well.

However, he cannot confirm if they continued dating after May of the year. 2022, since the trace and similarity of both was lost.

Lee Jin Ho, the former reporter who broke the information, shared the following on the subject:

“The two were seen on Jeju Island in November of last year.” He explained, “Jungkook was seen on Jeju Island in November and Lee Yoo Bi was on Jeju Island at the same time.”

Jungkook bought a women’s bag from the Chanel brand, some time later she was seen using it on her official account instagram, what made him army You will be really impressed by what happened.

Although both never confirmed the rumors, the tests and theories could prove that jungkook and Lee Yoobi They were sharing together on several occasions.

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