The European Union wanted to abandon jewelry and watches from Russia

The ban on the supply of diamonds from Russia to the European Union as part of the new package of sanctions also applies to jewelry. About it found out EU Observer.

According to the publication, the measure affects the import of ungraded diamonds, as well as most non-industrial and artificial diamonds. In particular, the refusal to supply applies to diamond jewelry made from pearls, gold, silver, and wristwatches made from precious metals made in Russia.

It will not be possible to import diamonds mined in Russia and exported from Russia, as well as diamonds that were transported in transit through Russia or processed in third countries, into the European Union. If the sanctions are approved, the ban will come into force on January 1, 2024.

Restrictions within the 12th package of sanctions also will touch Russian liquefied propane (used for heating and as a transport fuel), copper wire, aluminum wire and foil, and Russian oil. In addition, the EU plans to limit supplies to Russia of machine tools, chemicals, lithium batteries and engines for UAVs, which the country can use in combat operations in Ukraine.

The European Commission has already accepted proposals of the commission and the High Representative of the European Union on the 12th package of sanctions against Russia and sent them for consideration to the member countries of the bloc. The new restrictions are expected to hit Russia’s trade turnover by about five billion euros.

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