European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola and Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala put on Thursday their signatures under the text of the declaration on digital rights and principles of the EU.

Recall, the purpose of the document is “to promote European values ​​against the backdrop of a digital transformation, where people are at the center, and digital technologies benefit everyone: people, business and society.” The document also unequivocally declares that the rights that Europeans have in everyday life are guaranteed in the virtual space as well.

The text of the declaration is intended to serve as a guideline for businesses and other structures in the development and implementation of new technologies. The document is also a guide for politicians in forming a position on digital transformation issues.

With the help of the declaration, the EU intends to guarantee the preservation of European values ​​by:

  • giving people a central role in digital transformation;
  • supporting solidarity and inclusiveness through internet access, digital education, training, skills, as well as fair working conditions and access to digital public services;
  • reaffirming the importance of freedom of choice and a fair digital environment;
  • supporting participation in the digital public space;
  • enhancing security and empowerment in the digital environment, especially for young people;
  • promoting sustainable development.

These rights and principles, in particular, should contribute to the availability of affordable high-speed Internet access anywhere in the EU for everyone [европейца]well-equipped classrooms and digitally competent teachers, hassle-free online access to public services, a safe digital environment for children, the right to disconnect from the employer after the end of the working day, access to understandable information on the environmental impact of European digital products, monitoring how the personal data (PD) of Europeans is used and who gets access to this PD.

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