The EU pointed out Scholz’s fatal mistake on Ukraine

Chancellor’s Government Germany Olaf Scholz may make a mistake again in the issue of weapons Ukraine, if it does not take into account the experience of previous years of providing military assistance. German journalist Julian Repke wrote about this on social networks. X (formerly Twitter).

He recalled that in 2022 Greece transferred the Marder infantry fighting vehicle so that the country would send “inferior” BMP-1s to Ukraine in exchange. As a result EU I realized my mistake and the next batch of Marder was sent directly Kyiv. “In 2024 we want to give Great Britain Taurus missiles so that the relatively worse Storm Shadows are sent to Ukraine. Sorry, office, but we don’t have until 2025 to correct your next fatal mistake,” Roepke said.

Previously reported, that Great Britain has offered to sell Germany Taurus cruise missiles in order to supply more Storm Shadow missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). It is noted that such a decision would be a “way out of the deadlock discussion” regarding the supply of long-range precision weapons to Kyiv.

Meanwhile Scholz statedthat Germany’s internal economic and political problems are related to the conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasized that the countries of the European Union allocate “insufficiently large amounts” to help Ukraine.

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