The European Union has introduced the ninth package of sanctions against Russia. About it report on the EU website. Restrictions apply to the media, technology exports, the banking sector and the energy industry.

What is included in the new package of sanctions:

🟒 suspension of broadcasting licenses in the European Union for NTV, NTV Mir, Rossii 1, Ren TV and Channel One;

🟒 a ban for the EU to provide Russia with services in advertising, market research, public opinion polling, product testing and technical inspection of goods;

🟒 restrictions on the export of dual-use goods and technologies, including electronics and IT equipment, chemicals and nerve agents, drones, night vision devices and radio navigation equipment;

🟒 Ban on investment in the Russian mining sector. The exception is the extraction of the most important types of raw materials;

🟒 a ban for EU citizens to hold senior positions in Russian state-owned or state-controlled companies located in Russia;

🟒 a complete ban on transactions with the All-Russian Regional Development Bank;

🟒 freezing the assets of two Russian banks, whose name is not given;

🟒 The list of legal entities subject to sanctions included an additional 168 companies associated with the defense complex of the Russian Federation.

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