Camilla Parker, queen consort of king Charles III, she has wealth that is the envy of many, and she does not need to be a member of royalty, because if for some strange reason she is left alone and without income, with the money she has right now she could live in peace and security without any problem .

Camilla Parker and the King Charles III They have not had an easy time together in the years of their relationship. First, because their relationship began in secret as lovers, since at that time Carlos III was with Lady Di and secondly, many people did not love her because of the betrayal they both did to Princess Diana, who was loved and wanted, so much so that that love is still present.

The Queen has worked all her life, but her wealth has come not only from that, but also from her inheritance and the money that now comes to her due to her new role in the royal family. While is true that Camilla Parker already had money, it is also true that he has grown significantly since he became a member of the British royal family.

It is estimated that Camilla Parker is almost 5 million dollarsto which must be added those of the new King Carlos III, who since he ascended the throne, his fortune increased in 600 million dollars. Also, as a couple, both have generated around 30 million. Despite that, the wealth of Camilla’s family cannot be left out.

Camille Parker’s family has many resources, as her father, Bruce Shand, made a fortune being a wine merchant and vice lord of East Sussex and his mother, Rosalind Cubitt, He was born into an aristocratic family, so he never lacked for anything in life.