The Engineer of the Overhaul Fund promised the residents of the Novomichurinsk five-story building to eliminate shortcomings in the work of the contractor

On July 26, residents of building No. 7 on Stroiteley Street in Novomichurinsk met with a PTO engineer from the regional Fund for the overhaul of multi-storey residential buildings. Ilya Trubin arrived accompanied by a representative of the city administration, Mikhail Nazarov.

He came not only to learn about the progress of the overhaul of the facade and roof of the house number 7 on Stroiteley Street. But also to fix leaks after a recent downpour. More than one apartment was damaged in the fifth and sixth entrances of the house. Recall that on the night of July 25, due to a downpour, the entire sixth entrance was left without electricity. Electricians from housing and communal services and rescuers from Center 112 Novomichurinsky prevent short circuit.

Ilya Mikhailovich drew up an act of inspection of apartments, which included apartments No. 54, No. 65 and No. 68. It is known that on the night of July 25, rain flooded the apartments of at least three houses in Novomichurinsk, which are undergoing major repairs this summer. This is house number 9 on Volkov Street and house number 14 on Smiryagin Avenue.

Ilya Trubin:

“You can believe that until the contractor, Magapolis LLC (Robert Matevosyan), solves the problems with the residents of flooded apartments, I, as a representative of the customer, will not sign the acceptance certificate.”

Taking advantage of the opportunity to communicate with the customer, the residents asked to record their dissatisfaction with the quality of the repair of the blind area around the house and the tiles at the entrances.

And the residents of house number 7, Alexander Firsov, Lidia Kekina, Valentina Lonkina, Svetlana Shumilina and many, many others, who are dissatisfied with the appearance and quality of the doors of the entrance groups of all entrances of the house, are advised to contact the general director of Victoria Kalenova of the overhaul fund with a collective letter: they say, we want the same solid doors as on house number 26 on Smiryagin Avenue. And they immediately follow the advice.

Ilya Trubin:

“We have to communicate with OOO Megapolis pretentiously. This applies to the quality of work, and emergency situations in which people suffer from leaks during roof repairs. The volume of work on Novomichurinsk this year is large. It is in the interests of the customer that the overhaul of houses be truly capital.”