It was full everywhere, he was the last to leave the party, he had dozens of female fans around him, and his friends were mostly in bars, not at home. But that’s over. Hockey fan Petr Nedvd (50) prefers spending time with his family and is not afraid to admit it to his followers on social media. Could it be the end of the first playboy from Kozika?

Hockey freak Petr Nedvd he was known for going to the center of Prague for parties, beer and some punk. He used to hang out quite often in the popular sportsmen’s bar in Kozice, where it was full of crazy women looking for a rich hockey player and football player.

Take it upon yourself to fall at his feet, don’t get too close to him and his outsider Martin Ruinskho (51) and don’t let them rest.

But that’s over for me. At least it looks that way, I have a full profile on Instagram. He used two social networks to meet girls, now it has become a family album of a loving father and husband.

Don’t forget photos of Naomi’s daughter’s divorce or love photos with model Nicole. It’s as if Petr was there, he doesn’t want another day and his soul is only for his family.

The hockey player was completely blown away next to his daughter.

Petr prefers to spend time with his family.

Verky u so limited. He hasn’t appeared in Kozice for a year, and he goes to the restaurant he first opened with Runsk for a beer.