According to Frentt, coal mining will not take place under the Beskydy Mountains.
| photo: Adolf Horsinka,

The gradual cessation of mining activities and the re-influence of the mines made it possible for the Ministry of the Environment to submit a change in the conditions for the protection of deposits in the Karviná region, said Josef Lazrek, director of the Darkov plant. In Frentt, we are correcting the decision to liquidate the Frentt Mine. The ministry complied with our concerns, and everyone who wanted to build in these cities was relieved.

The changes concern the defined areas of Karviná, Orlov and Doubrava, and outside the Karviná region they will affect, for example, Trojanovice, Tich, Frentt pod Radhotm or Ronov pod Radhotm.

The environmental department of the regional council always had to go to the buildings that were to be built on the ground, where different levels of protection of the deposit applied, and strict rules were observed, said Karvin, Miroslav Hajduk. The builders had to meet certain requirements for the foundation of the buildings in order for the buildings to be allowed at all, he reminded.

Construction woman without a trip

Last year, therefore, Karvin initiated negotiations with Diam. Only they could apply for a change of protection at the Ministry of the Environment. They took over the mining area, for example in Starm Mst in Karviná and closed the mines after OKD, Hajduk explained.

The whole process of building approval has now accelerated significantly. In fact, in this area, from the point of view of mineral wealth protection, construction is unrestricted, Dominika Pospilov, the Ministry of the Environment, said.

For example, in the vicinity of Trojanovice, the building permit is allowed without an extraordinary organization and special measures are taken against other mines.

Changes in the protection of the bearing in the dark and we are in favor of it, because it will make it easier for citizens and companies, commented on Hajduk’s situation behind Karviná.