Through a video, the emotional farewell that the members of the popular South Korean group of kpop bts they have given Jin, the oldest member of the group and the first to enlist in the compulsory military service.

The income of Jin, the oldest member of bts, It is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics on social networks in recent days.

His fans are very sad, since it will be more than a year and a half where the idol will be completely inactive in the music scene. Kpop.

The moment of his emotional farewell was recorded in a video, which the group itself has shared on its official channel of Youtube. The South Korean kpop septet has also included a message that the Worldwide Handsome has dedicated to the ARMY and other followers:

“I’ll be back fine…being healthy is the priority, I’ll try not to get hurt. Cheer up, ARMY. Don’t get sick either, Fighting!” Said the popular artist.

The video has moved massively the ARMY, that in the coming months he will be seeing how each of the members of Bangtan will be enlisting in the military service.

And you, what do you think of this moving farewell to Jin?