The effect of leaflets calling on the Ukrainian Armed Forces to surrender is described

Leaflets calling for the Armed Forces Ukraine (UAF) surrender, which are dropped from the air by the Russian military, give a good result, says a military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov. In a conversation with, he told how effectively such a psychological technique works in a military conflict.

“If you analyze the number of Ukrainian military personnel who surrendered over the past month and a half, it has grown significantly. This is due to the fact that mostly non-professionals who fight are mobilized and sent to the front. Many of them should be exempt from military service due to health reasons. They prefer to give up when the opportunity arises. (…) This indicates a change in the mood of Ukrainian personnel,” he described the situation.

According to the specialist, the leaflets indicate the radio frequency by which the Ukrainian military can contact the Russian side. This way they can discuss the terms of surrender.

“We use not only aircraft, we use shells more often. There are special propaganda shells, and there are shells for multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), which are also filled with leaflets. This is all applied across enemy territory and produces results, one hundred percent. Especially the wave frequency works very, very well. Ukrainian soldiers often go along it [на связь]thereby guaranteeing their safety and making it easier for them to surrender,” the military expert concluded.

How reported source RIA Novosti, specially equipped Russian drones are dropping leaflets over the positions of the Ukrainian army calling for surrender. They also have detailed instructions on exactly how to do this. The agency’s interlocutor added that thanks to such agitation, some fighters laid down their arms.

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