The economist gave Russians advice before buying food for the New Year

To ease the financial burden, on the eve of the holidays it is worth thinking in advance what exactly you want to put on the New Year’s table, says Candidate of Economic Sciences, financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev. In a conversation with, he gave Russians advice that will allow them to save money when buying groceries.

“On the one hand, according to tradition, there are obligatory dishes that should be on the table. On the other hand, we should probably move away from the tradition that on New Year’s we put everything on the table until its legs break, and then we all have to put it all somewhere. We need to think through the table carefully. Nobody says that it should be ascetic, but thoughtful. And of course, a holiday is a holiday, and you need to celebrate it with delicious foods that you don’t eat every day,” the economist shared.

According to him, already in November you can purchase gourmet products. It is also worth purchasing in advance products that can withstand relatively long storage, and alcohol. By the New Year, all this will inevitably become more expensive, the analyst believes.

It could be delicious smoked meats, it could be the fish products that we love. They can easily last a month in the freezer, including caviar

Mikhail Belyaev


The expert suggested not to rush into buying cheaper products, potatoes, green peas, mayonnaise. The fact is that “their share is not so large in the total cost of those same dishes.” In addition, the price of these products is not so high and will be affordable for the budget even if prices rise.

In this way, you can not only save money, but also distribute expenses more evenly, avoiding a “volley strike on your wallet,” the economist noted.

Earlier it became known that in Russia sharp grew up prices for Olivier salad. Over the year, the popular New Year’s dish has almost doubled in price, by at least 45 percent.

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