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The driver who blocked the movement of five tram routes was fined 600 thousand

For a man, the trip turned out to be very expensive.

In deptrans tellthat on November 10 last year, at half past seven in the evening, on Ivanteevskaya Street, the driver decided to turn right in front of the tram (although he should have missed it), but did not have time and got into an accident. Because of this, right during rush hour, traffic in both directions of five tram routes was paralyzed for half an hour.

And today, Mosmetro, which has recently been responsible for the Moscow tram system, nevertheless sued the culprit of the accident for 600 thousand rubles for stopping traffic.

The department clarifies that fining the perpetrators of accidents on tram tracks is standard practice for the city. When calculating the amount of compensation, the number of canceled flights, their length, downtime and the number of passengers usually carried during this time are taken into account. Statistics are cited as an argument for such a severe punishment: due to one such accident, up to 30 trams stop (and this is about 7% of the trains leaving the Moscow lines), and even more cars have to be redirected to alternative routes. And this is not to mention the cost of repairing trams.

Photo: of Moscow