The heir of Isabel II, the King Charles III, would rise to the throne after the death of his mother, who after as many years as Queen mother of the thronethe future king decided to modify some things in his reign, both small and big things.

The main idea of ​​its modification is the modernization of the image of the royal family, on the other hand, after the death of the queen, the royal family was involved in various fights and disputes, which interferes in the decisions that the King Charles III He wants to take.

One of the rules that they changed was that foie gras was served as a dish in all palaces, as this was one of the favorite dishes of the late Queen Elizabeth. Concern for the environment and the protection of animals led to the King Charles III to make such a decision.

Another real modification is that of who has the right to occupy the place of King Charles III If you are sick and cannot fulfill your duties. In this case, the official successor may be the Queen consort or the next adults in line to the throne.

The current British king has also decided not to move to the Buckingham Palace. This is because he felt that the place was far from the modern idea that he wants to make visible, for this reason he decided to live with his wife in three different and more modern houses.

Some people think that this is because the King also wants to turn some of the private places, dedicated exclusively to the royal family, into public places so that he can be close to people.

These ideas are just a few of the many changes that perhaps the King Charles III want to perform.