The doctor warned about a common mistake made in the toilet

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator Daria Sadovskaya named a common mistake that people who have difficulty emptying their bowels make when going to the toilet. Her words leads Daily Mail.

Sadovskaya pointed out that constipation causes not only discomfort, but also pain. According to her, people with this problem worsen their condition by adopting an incorrect position on the toilet.

In order to correct this, she advised to perform a special exercise while on the toilet: place the foot of one leg just above the knee of the other and turn the body so as to see the tank. According to the doctor, the effectiveness of this pose is explained by the fact that in it the body occupies an anatomically more correct position.

Previously, nutritionist Elvira Fesenko warned from using enemas for constipation. According to her, this method of therapy can disrupt the intestinal microflora.

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