The doctor named ways to get rid of a common cosmetic defect

The withers, or the so-called widow’s mound, can appear not only due to prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position and deformation of the upper vertebrae, but also due to hormones, said orthopedic traumatologist Timur Ismayilov. In a commentary for, the doctor warned about the danger of this cosmetic defect and named ways to get rid of it.

Often, withers appear in women during premenopause and menopause due to changes in hormonal levels. At this time, the production of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone – decreases and the amount of male hormones – androgens increases, and fat deposits are deposited in the upper torso.

This pathology is also encountered by overweight people and those who spend a lot of time in a position with their back bent.

If nothing is done about this problem, it can lead to deterioration of blood circulation in the cervical spine and brain, the interlocutor warned.

Due to impaired cerebral circulation, vertebrobasilar insufficiency will develop, manifesting itself as attacks of dizziness, headache, fatigue, drowsiness, and memory impairment. In severe cases, ischemic stroke may occur

Timur Ismayilov


At the initial stages, the withers are treated with massage, manual and physiotherapy, therapeutic baths and physical exercise, said the orthopedic traumatologist. You can also use roller massagers and the Kuznetsov applicator at home, if there are no contraindications. The doctor may prescribe hormone therapy and an adjusted nutrition program. In the later stages of the disease, they resort to surgical liposuction (laser, ultrasound, vacuum, water jet), the doctor summed up.

Previously Timur Ismayilov named affordable ways to avoid joint problems in adulthood. First of all, the doctor called for diversifying the diet with foods rich in vitamin C and fiber, such as bran, cabbage, and peas.

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