The doctor dispelled the myth about the ideal age for plastic surgery

There is no specific age after which it would be too late to have the first plastic surgery, a plastic surgeon said Igor Bely. The myth about the ideal age for this kind of intervention is dispelled in a conversation with “Evening Moscow”.

According to Bely, there are only individual indications for surgical correction of appearance, which depend on many factors: lifestyle, genetics, weight stability and much more. “If you wish, the first operation can be performed at 60, 70, or 80 years old. There are no frameworks or conventions, the main thing is desire and the absence of medical contraindications for surgery,” the doctor said.

At the same time, the surgeon added, each age is characterized by special requests to a plastic surgeon. Thus, people over 40 years old, Bely explained, more often seek check-lifting (rejuvenation of the central part of the face and lower eyelids) and top-lifting (forehead and eyebrow lifting). After 50 years, patients ask surgeons for a circular facelift. “With its help, you can solve a number of problems at once in one operation: jowls, swollen oval faces and much more,” he noted.

Previously, the 48-year-old actress, star of E.T. and Charlie’s Angels Drew Barrymore explained, why she refused plastic surgery. According to the celebrity, she is going to refrain from surgical correction of her appearance for as long as possible, because she is afraid of getting hooked on it.

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