The doctor dispelled myths about the wine diet

The so-called wine diet can really help you get rid of excess weight, but the effect will be short-lived, warned the gastroenterologist at Meditsina JSC (academician Roitberg’s clinic) Evgeny Belousov. In a conversation with, the doctor dispelled myths about this nutrition system.

Belousov clarified that the wine diet does not imply eating only wine: in fact, it is permissible to drink a glass of this drink along with a meal. “A wine diet can be part of a major weight loss plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to drink wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s enough to stick to proper nutrition and drink a glass of wine with one meal a day, taking into account its calorie content,” Belousov said. “In this case, you need to choose dry red wine.”

According to the doctor, this diet really helps you lose weight. Wine speeds up the process of digesting food, breaking down fatty foods. In addition, red wines contain the natural component resveratol, which prevents the absorption of fats, which is important when losing weight, Belousov explained.

A wine diet for weight loss is only useful for people who know how to drink alcohol in moderation and who tolerate alcoholic beverages well. Over a period of three to 12 days a person loses up to 10 kilograms

Evgeny Belousov

However, as the doctor noted, weight loss is largely achieved through fluid loss, since alcohol causes dehydration. The specialist clarified that with a wine diet, more water is consumed than fat. Therefore, if you return to your usual diet after losing weight, the extra pounds will soon return, the gastroenterologist emphasized.

Finally, the gastroenterologist recalled that drinking alcohol with a small amount of food leads to intoxication, especially if a person drinks it rarely. In addition, the doctor said, alcoholic drinks can be harmful, negatively affecting the condition of the liver, pancreas and other organs.

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