The doctor called an unpleasant consequence of frequent sex

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called an unpleasant consequence of frequent sex. On the air of the program “About the Most Important Thing” on the Russia 1 channel, he stated that active sex life can cause cystitis. Release of the program available on the “We Watch” platform.

The specialist said that frequent sex provokes cystitis, and added that many people do not believe this statement. “They want to pass off wishful thinking as reality, and each of them knows that it is true,” the doctor explained.

Myasnikov also noted that doctors recommend urinating copiously after each sexual intercourse to avoid introducing bacteria into the body. “In the international guidelines they write that after sex you should go and pee well, profusely,” he concluded.

Previously Myasnikov commented a statement that sex is good for health. The doctor agreed with this, but emphasized that it was important to take the process seriously.

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