Social networks are full of rumors of separation between Kate Middleton and the Prince William, so much so, that in the United Kingdom the media would have been prohibited from talking about the issue. However, the possible rights that the Princess of Wales would renounce in case of divorcing the future monarch have been revealed.

In the midst of the separation rumors that the princes of wales They currently face, social networks have chosen to investigate what would be the benefits that Kate would be giving up in case of divorcing William.

Even before they both got married, the british royalty would have made a large prenuptial agreement with strong clauses that do not favor Kare Middleton in a notable way in the event of divorcing Prince William.

Between these agreements made behind closed doors, there is that of a pension where you will only receive a certain amount and whose figure will vary depending on your behavior and directions you take with your private life.

And in the event that she wanted to marry again, the value of this pension would drop and she would not be able to claim part of the estate of the eldest son of the deceased. Princess Diana, amounting to more than thirteen million pounds sterling.

In addition to that, there is an agreement confidentiality that was done before your wedding, where it was agreed that you should not divulge anything about your marriage. And in case of contradicting this requirement, you would have to pay an excessive fine or face the law with possible arrest.

And you, what do you think of the agreements he made? Kate Middleton when marrying him prince william?