At the housing committee declaredthat the districts of the city are faced with the task of getting rid of snow in the yards over the weekend – before the resumption of snowfalls.

Oleg Zotov, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said that he inspected courtyards in four districts and was generally satisfied with the progress of the cleaning. He expects that during the weekend in all districts the yards will be comprehensively cleaned and treated with anti-icing materials.

At the same time, as noted in the housing committee, many yards are parked with cars. Services must notify residents in advance of the cleanup so they can clean their cars, but many vehicle owners ignore the warnings. Because of this, snowplows cannot get into the yards and more janitors have to be involved in the work, which increases the cleaning time.

It is expected that after the weekend without precipitation next week in St. Petersburg will begin with heavy snowfall and strong winds, full-fledged blizzards are possible. Forecasters expect snow cover to reach 20 cm.