On May 6, the public coronation of the King Charles III and the queen consort Camilla Parker in England, an event that has generated great expectation both inside and outside the British royalty. However, this event has also been marked by controversy due to the relationship between the current monarch and his wife.

The relationship between Camilla Parker and the King Charles III It has been questioned since its inception, since it arose as a result of the monarch’s infidelity towards Lady Di, the mother of his children and the Princess of Wales at the time. In addition, Parker was a close friend of Princess Diana, which generated even more controversy at the time.

Despite criticism, the King Charles III and Camilla Parker they continue together and now she plays a very important role in the monarch’s coronation, as she is responsible for ensuring that everything goes according to plan. As reported by the British media, Camilla has helped Carlos III improve his public communication skills, something essential for his new role as king.

Although some have criticized Parker’s controlling attitude, who pulls Carlos III’s coat when he extends too much in his speeches, the monarch does not seem to be bothered by this warning, but on social networks they treat it as “disrespectful”.

Parker has been a pivotal figure in the life of the king, who is about to receive the crown despite his history of infidelity. A few weeks before the coronation of Carlos III, all eyes will be on him and his wife, who will have the difficult task of maintaining order and dignity during the event.

Although controversy has surrounded their relationship from the start, Parker has proven to be a key figure to the king and his future reign.