The song “Opera No. 2” made Vitas a real star of domestic show business. The video of the same name only strengthened his popularity.

The mysterious image of the singer in this composition was remembered by his fans forever. It is curious that the director of this clip, Yuri Grymov, was dissatisfied with the cooperation with the star’s team. According to the director, it was he who came up with the image of the singing ichthyander, with whom Vitas is still associated. That is, it was he who made him a star. “I came up with a hairstyle, a scarf, gills … People believed in this blizzard … I rented it for little money. It was interesting for me to create this story from scratch, ”- recognizes Grymov.

Grymov recalled that the singer’s producer was almost on their knees in front of him, expressing their admiration, but for some reason the contract with the director was not renewed. When Yuri Vyacheslavovich saw another clip of Vitas, shot no longer by him, he was very offended, and this insult, oddly enough, has not gone away so far.

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