It should be reminded that yesterday, on May 13, Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev once again visited Taganrog on a working trip. He took part in laying a symbolic stone in the foundation of the future plant for the production of agricultural machinery. At the meeting on the integrated development of Taganrog as a tourist center, which took place in the city administration, other issues were also considered. In particular, it was about the reconstruction of Pushkinskaya embankment. The development of the project is scheduled to begin in September this year. Its cost, according to preliminary estimates, will be 20 million rubles.

Vasily Golubev noted that the renewal of Pushkinskaya Embankment is of fundamental importance for the city.

  • Work on the preparation of a plan for the improvement of this territory has been carried out since last year. The presentation of design solutions took place in Taganrog on April 29. There were discussions of the document with social activists, specialists of the city administration. The master plan will become the basis for the future project for the improvement of Pushkinskaya Embankment, the governor emphasized.

Recall that for several months, the team of the Dal project and the ETO architectural bureau worked on the master plan. As a representative of the developer company noted, the document provides not only for the reconstruction, but also for the expansion of Pushkinskaya Embankment. A feature of the master plan was a large number of buffer zones, which was taken into account by the authors of the plan.

The space of Pushkinskaya Embankment will be divided into four conditional territories, which will be intended for certain types of recreation. In the historical part, the old paving stones will be preserved. Opposite the Stone Stairs, a walking area will be equipped, placing a collapsible stage for public events there. There is an area for sports grounds and a skate park. It is planned to improve the beach and Gradonachalnichesky descent, which will become another exit from the city center to the embankment. The authors of the concept proposed to preserve the green zone as much as possible, replacing, where necessary, emergency trees with new tall ones. You will also need to plant new bushes and flowers.

The bank protection of Pushkinskaya Embankment was also taken into account in the project. This requires the installation of bank protection and local treatment facilities, water disposal and irrigation systems. It is necessary to repair outdoor lighting with the installation of lighting for species and landscape areas, green spaces. The master plan provides for the renewal of footpaths and paving slabs, the replacement of benches and trash cans.

The development of the project is scheduled to begin in September. Its cost, according to preliminary estimates, will be 20 million rubles, the press service of the governor reports.

Vasily Golubev instructed to carefully work out the terms for preparing the project, think over the stages of its implementation, taking into account the importance of this territory for residents and guests of the city.

  • It is impossible to start reconstruction at the same time along the entire territory of the embankment, having turned the entire coast into a construction site, the residents of Taganrog should have the opportunity to go out for a walk in their favorite places, – Vasily Golubev is sure.

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