The past of the popular and talented American singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez It was not easy at all, he had needs and his social environment had a demeaning nickname for the current star.

Although at present the name Jennifer Lopez It means iconicity, success, impact and general culture, the life of the star of Puerto Rican origin has not always been filled with abundance, praise and admiration. In his beginnings, everything was difficult and the goals he had were very elusive and even his family turned their backs on him, because they did not believe that he was capable of becoming what he is today.

Before jlo By the time she turned 18, she was already living on her own, as her family had completely turned their backs on her and refused to support her dreams of becoming famous. the interpreter of ‘On The Floor’ she also practiced athletics, gymnastics and softball because she loved the sport

It was in those places and in the gyms where they gave him a nickname, The Old Guitar, because of his curved body. On several occasions, Jennifer had to sleep in the training places because she had a place to stay, and she also worked in a cafeteria to cover some expenses.

Then, after a lot of effort, he enrolled in the Baruch and found work in a buffet. The school building was then her bedroom for about two years, until she was able to find another place.

After a year and a half filled with denied auditions in each place where it appeared, the “Bronx Diva” got her first big break, as she finally found work on a tour that took her to the far east, specifically to Japan.

Jennifer managed to be a showgirl and dancer for artists like janet jackson Y New Kids On the Block. After several months, the star understood that hers was not really in New York, but in California, so he decided to move to the other side of the country.

In the end, Jennifer Lopez he was right, since in the city of The Angels their desire to succeed began to crystallize. A series producer South Central took an interest in her and gave her her first acting job, and despite the series being canceled after one season, Jennifer was soon chosen to be in the cast of the series Second Chances Y Malibu Hotel.

After years of working and participating in different series and low-budget movies, in 1998 came his great film opportunity with ‘Selena’ the role that would catapult her to worldwide fame and give her movie superstar status.

At the time of singing, his godfather and great help was Tommy Mottola, who was then the president of SonyMusic. His rise in music was much faster and instantaneous, since his debut was a global success and allowed him to establish himself as an artistic icon in USA and part of the world.

Today, despite everything he lived through Jennifer Lopez, She is one of the richest artists in the world, with a fortune of around 500 million dollars.