A moment from the duel hzenk Plzn and Zub
| photo: Milena Sojkov,

Plze won the first half and then worked out her goal, but Zub did not give up and managed to turn around. In the dramatic ending, Duan Palt sent the guests into the lead at 28:27 in the last minute, but the house leveled Jakub Douda with eight goals and forced a split.

Even in the Czech Republic, Zub had the right to advance, when, after all these houses, Ondej Afrnek did not change the seven. But Tom Mikal did not use the furniture. In the series on a sudden death, he started as the first best scorer of the extra league in the Zub Luk Mokovsk jersey, but he did not score Karel Mda’s goal, then Douda pushed the home team.