the young princess eleanor de Asturias continues to gain a lot of popularity on social networks and in the public eye, reasons that have allowed the 17-year-old to become a reflector that everyone is watching to find out about the things she does or plans to do. And that’s how it is Spanish royal family, is alert to a decision that will be made by the future Queen of spain.

The King Felipe VI of Spain, the Queen consort Letizia, Infanta Sofía and each and every one of the members of the Iberian royal family are on alert before an important decision that Princess Leonor should make as soon as she finishes her high school this year.

It seems that the Princess of Asturias would not follow in the footsteps of his father King Philip and study right, since the eldest daughter of the kings of Spain does not rule out studying a career Engineering Instead of focusing on the race laws.

This decision would not please Felipe VI very much, since he hoped that Eleanor She will study law because she will be the heir to the throne of Spanish royalty. But now, the big problem lies in why Leonor would dream of being able to graduate from a career in Engineering.

The Iberian monarch he will try to convince his eldest daughter to agree to study law. Meanwhile, she will have to take advantage of these months that she has left in the high school to make a decision regarding the university career you want to study.