The member of Bts He did not hesitate to defend the singer from a stalker, this would be proof that there are no enmities between the two groups.

After drawing attention by mistakenly following Jennie in Instagram, The Korean idol assured that said social network was terrifying, since it accidentally bit the follower suggestion button. However, both fandoms started a discussion on social media, as both artists received hateful comments.

BTS and Blackpink represent the most popular groups in the K-pop globally, each has achieved unique milestones never seen before, so comparisons have not been long in coming. And although there is a false belief that they are in constant competition, V ended such rumors.

It is not the first time that BTS members have proven that there is no enmity with BLACKPINK, Jungkook has proven to be one of the biggest fans of their music by singing and dancing to their songs. Also, V showed his more chivalrous side when Jisoo was stalked.

The events occurred in 2017, both of them were chosen as the main hosts of the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert event, as the idols also dabble in as masters of ceremonies as part of their training. However, a video circulates on the Internet that shows how Jisoo was photographed by fans.

The South Korean singer protected herself from the flash that hit her face, but it was the action of Taehyung what caught the eye. The BTS idol walked over and stood behind her as apparently a fan was taking photos of her legs without her noticing.

V covered his view so that he did not even do it and stayed by his side, some fans say that he also looks and goes to the person to tell him to stop taking pictures. ARMY acknowledged their chivalry in defending Jisoo while they hosted the event together