The data of users of the Vkusvill network website was made public. This was confirmed by the company itself.

On the evening of December 9, telegram channels reported on a massive leak of data from Vkusvill customers. Several files contain more than 242,000 phone numbers, more than 230,000 email addresses, dates and times of order, payment and delivery (between December 5 and 7, 2022), the last four digits of a bank card, and the amount of the order. Basically, we are talking about orders made on December 6th.

Probably, the data belongs to users of the online store. How notes Telegram channel “Information Leaks”, the source of the current leak, is responsible for the data leaks of Tele2, Russian Post, GeekBrains and Delivery Club customers.

In “Vkusville” confirmed leakage of personal data of customers. They said that they learned about it on the night of December 9 and “promptly took measures to correct the situation.” The company emphasized that in the published files there are no names, addresses and full payment information of bank cards.