The 23 year old Clara Chia Marti, known at the moment for being the girlfriend of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and the woman with whom the former defender of the Barcelona Fc cheated on Shakira, she has hidden an aspect of her life that it would be “embarrassing” for her to express in the public light.

It seems that Clara Chia he does not want much to be known about his family or his past. The young employee Kosmos She had tried to hide things that she considers “shameful” and that she does not want to be linked while she continues her romance with Piqué.

What the young woman is trying to hide is the modest life of her younger sister, who supposedly has a fairly ordinary life and nothing luxurious, as previously believed to be the life of Clara Chia’s family.

The name of Clara Chía Martí’s younger sister is Johanna and he’s just 22, a year younger than the woman they switched to Shakira . This scandal arose as a result of the fact that on her social networks, the young sister published her day-to-day life and according to what is seen, it is nothing luxurious as everyone believed.

Clara Chia She would have wanted to sell herself as a refined young woman out of the relationship, but these tests from the young woman’s relatives would completely confirm that the catalan actually comes from a modest family.