Entry into compulsory military service Jin, senior member of the group kpop bts, It has caused all kinds of comments on social networks. But now, what has drawn attention is the dangerous place in South Korea where he idol He is doing his military service.

The army He is very aware of everything he will be doing Jin during his mandatory military service. The Worldwide Handsome from bts He has already enlisted in the South Korean army, so he will start military work like any other civilian man in South Korea.

However, his fans have already warned about the place where the artist will do his military service, which is considered a dangerous place because it is close to the border with his neighbor to the north and an enemy country: North Korea.

The frontline divisions where Jin is located are located in the province of gyeonggi Y gangwon, and they are the most dangerous and isolated bases of society. Which would mean for the idols that their vacations are a little more restricted, since the work is more arduous for the rest.

Still, Jin is fully willing to fulfill his duties, as it will be an honor for him to serve his nation.

His fans will continue to be aware of all the details and prompt news that are coming from Jin and about how he has been these first days of military service.