This course will be introduced for students of non-core specialties in 2023. This was announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov at a government hour in the Federation Council.

Photo: Tamara Astapenkova

The head of the Ministry of Education and Science said that this year the department has prepared and implemented a “whole line” of special events to strengthen the humanitarian component in universities. Falkov recalled that from 2023, 144 hours will now be devoted to history in non-historical specialties and areas, of which 80% is the work of a teacher with students.

The minister said that at the moment the department is doing a lot of work on the formation of the curriculum for this course, so that it would be possible “to solve the tasks of not only historical education, but also the tasks of historical education that are inextricably linked with them,” TASS reports. He also said that the students themselves are doing a great job of creating authentic and accessible content.

Falkov also told the senators that next year it is planned to do a lot of work with teachers of the humanities. We are talking about refresher courses, as well as a number of activities with students.

The online publication Uchitelskaya Gazeta quoted a member of the Presidium of the Council of the Russian Historical Society (RIO), chairman of the board of the RIO Konstantin Mogilevsky, who said that the new history course for non-historical specialties is aimed at mastering basic ideas about the past of our country, and also has educational value.

Earlier, the chairman of RIO Sergey Naryshkin said that from 2023 number of hours on teaching history in non-historical faculties. The curriculum will include 144 hours of history, of which 80% will be dedicated to classroom work. Naryshkin announced this at the First National Forum of History Teachers in Tobolsk. Valery Falkov was also present there. He clarified that today Russian universities are implementing more than 250 educational programs in the areas of preparation “History and archeology”. The most popular of them are: “History”, “Historical Political Science” and “History of Russia”. There are bachelor’s and master’s programs in the profile “History” in 184 universities.