The actor henry cavillbetter known as “Superman”, has proven to be a person of admiration, also for being someone so kind and responsible when dedicating himself to a production project, since he dedicates life and soul to each character he is given, exploring every detail from different possible angles and everything you have at your fingertips.

According to the actor’s interviews, he has commented that to act, in each character of movies or series, as a general rule, he seeks all the information based on that character, about the history and life that his interpretation addresses.

Just as he did in “Batman”, during the day he watched all the movies based on that character to understand the theme, and get the idea of ​​​​how to act, as in the Netflix adaptation of the fantasy novel and the video game series. “The Witcher”, showing all his fans how to be trained when it comes to acting.

It is certainly a hobby that the actor has and very few fans know about it, he is dedicated to playing, analyzing and understanding video games, and is even considered a Gamer by fans, since he has gained recognition through the digital world, where every fiction that happens, is arrived for him like a video game.

He also commented in the interview that in “The Witcher”, I play the sorcerer Geralt of Riviaand he didn’t even have the need to prepare for the role because he breathed and lived from that universe every day, first he discovered the games, then the books and thanks to that he was able to be prepared for acting.