The production, which took place on July 31 at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg, was attended by the Honored Artist of Russia, one of the most soulful baritones of the Russian stage Alexander Marshal and musical star Valeria Lanskaya.

The legendary rock opera turned forty this July. Together with tens of thousands of spectators in St. Petersburg, one of its creators, composer Alexei Rybnikov, also flew to see the production.

“Yesterday I listened to the words of Andrei Voznesensky. They look like they were written today. About America, Russia’s position in the world – as if about today. What is happening to us happened both 200 and 300 years ago. But the main message of the rock opera is: peace, hallelujah of love, and for 40 years we have been singing about it, ” the composer said.

Photo “Russian Media Group”

This time, the rock opera once again did not leave those gathered on Palace Square indifferent. And on the most famous aria “I will never forget you”, many could not hold back their tears.

“I am grateful to Alexei Rybnikov and our entire group for participating in the production. I was even a little scared when I was offered a game. So I say – and I get goosebumps. I live with this rock opera for a year. I can’t even think of anything else. And today I sing near the Pillar of Alexandria, and a lump rises to my throat, ” admitted Alexander Marshal.

Alexander Marshal and Valeria Lanskaya

I must say that the production of the famous rock opera in honor of the Day of the Russian Navy was a gift for the audience from the largest Russian media holding “Russian Media Group” with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Entrance to Palace Square was free.

“I can’t call today’s production a concert, it’s a performance, a story that we live through. This is a unique work that pierces every time, ” said Valeria Lanskaya.

Valeria Lanskaya

“Juno and Avos” is a cult rock opera that changed the history of the entire Soviet, and then the Russian musical theater. On July 9, 1981, the premiere of the performance created by Alexei Rybnikov and Andrei Voznesensky took place on the stage of the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater. The director was the artistic director and chief director of Lenkom Mark Zakharov. The story of the tragic love of the Russian diplomat and traveler Nikolai Rezanov and the daughter of the commandant of the San Francisco fortress Maria de la Concepción Marcella Argüello, told in heartfelt songs, won the hearts of the audience from year to year.