The birth of prince harry is much more than the second son of the Princess Diana and the current King Charles IIIhis arrival in the world was obviously due to various reasons, which were revealed by Duke Sussex in his book, However, the cause of the latest news is not only the pregnancy of the then Wale’s princess with Harry, but also what her husband allegedly told her on September 15, 1984.

The prince harry He will release his new book on January 10, but some UK media have obtained copies of the scrotum and have revealed information about what it contains, of course it is safe to assume that he has spoken about his life in the royal family and his relationship with the royals. other members of the British Crown.

The title of Harry’s book is «Spareas he was called that by the media during many of his childhood years, when he was believed to have played a role in the English monarchy, where his brother was first in line to the throne after his father.

According to the media «The Guardian», On the first pages of the book, the prince harry tell what the current one told him King Charles III a Lady Di on the day of his birth. As revealed by the Duke of Sussex, her father told the Princess of Welsh that I had given himan heir and a spare“, hence “his job was over«.

Years later, it is likely that they told Harry those cruel and insensitive statements, which may be another reason why he decided to call his book that.