The popular Venezuelan singer Evaluna Montaner, daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, and her husband, the Colombian singer Camilo, have been the subject of harsh criticism in social media. This thanks to his peculiar way of dressing, since there are many who consider that the interpreters dress as “ridiculous”.

On social networks, criticism of the way of dressing Evaluna Montaner, Y Camilo they don’t stop stopping. The Venezuelan has appeared with the Colombian in recent awards editions, but in all of them, Internet users have riddled her for the outfits she chooses.

From her shoes, earrings, dresses and other clothes, everything Evaluna wears becomes a critic. And on Camilo’s part, the same thing also happens.

In recent editions of the awards Latin GRAMMYs and the prizes MTV Video Music Awards, Evaluna appeared with Camilo, and the social networks took it upon themselves to let them know that their clothes were “stupid”.

All good until… I saw those shoes 🤯 sorry but they are horrible »; “Horrible shoes”; “Why do you insist on dressing like for Halloween?😫”; «I love them both, but they never match one, with their clothes😂»; «Because they dress so ugly and so expensive at the same time I have some scouring pads lying there suddenly it works for them»; “Those Evaluna shoes… what a shame that those with money don’t even know what to spend anymore 😔”; «I think it was better barefoot 👀🥴»; “The most ridiculous couple…😂😂😂”; and “Could it be that they lend the rags to Mrs. Gumersinda? Or is it that she is her official designer »were some of the comments left in Evaluna’s publication.

On the official account of instagram show business show Univision ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, posted a photo of the couple and the comments were of the same tone:

“They always want to be the most modern and end up being the most ridiculous🤦🏻‍♀️🤡”; «I give him a zero always so poorly dressed, for God’s sake»; “I always want to make a fool of myself, they don’t know how to attract attention in a good way”; and “He who wears them hates them.”

And you, do you like the way they dress? Eva Luna Y Camilo?