The relationship between Kate Middleton Y Meghan Markle has become non-existent in recent years, but in the time the Duchess of Sussex was in the royal family, she had constant contact with Kate and there was even an incident that left the crying princess of wales.

Which Meghan he told Kate, the reason and the consequences were revealed in the book of Prince Harry, which leaked days before its official release.

A few days before the wedding of Harry Y Meghan, Kate Middleton she texted the duchess to tell her that the bridesmaid dress was wrong because Charlotte’s was baggy and too big, receiving a response from Meghan to take it to the palace and that the seamstress would fix it there without any problems.

However, the Wale’s princess I know annoying and told her that, according to the designer, the dresses needed to be redone. Meghan he insisted that he should take the girl to the castle and they would take care of everything there and in the end, Kate Middleton she gave up and ignored him.

According to the book of Prince Harry, days after Kate Middleton brought flowers to Meghan Markle and apologized for the incident after the fight, and although it wasn’t the Duchess of Sussex who started the argument, the British media said that she was the bad guy in the story for having made the princess of wales cry.

The dispute that took place between members of the royal family led to Meghan Markle to comment on Kate Middleton that the princess deemed inappropriate, according to the book “Spare«, the duchess told him that he had a «baby brain» since she gave birth to prince louis a month before, this term refers to the carelessness and distraction that pregnancy causes.

That comment was not funny to Kate, who supposedly told Meghan that they were not very close for her to make those kinds of comments to him.