From the 5th onwards, however, you will find the stated prices in both the current currency, ie in kunch and in euros. In both monks, prices should be paid for a full year.

However, the current date of the changeover to the euro requires a positive assessment by the European Commission and the corresponding decisions of the Council of the European Union. Christine Lagardeov, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), said today that

It is true that we will probably accept Croatia as the 20th member very soon. We will have to go through the data and go through the facts and revise. Let us do this together with the European Commission and the ECB will support this process. So far, we can see that in full terms, according to the daily Veernji list, the ECB said to Slovenian television.

The approved regulation regulates, among other things, the first framework, cash exchange, loan conversion and deposit, and the protection of consumers against infinite price increases in connection with the introduction of the euro. The aim of this first regulation is to ensure a smooth changeover to the euro and an efficient economic economy.

Banks, Croatian banks and the financial agency Fina will exchange kuna for euros for free throughout 2023. Later, the shift will take place indefinitely in the Croatian Central Bank.

Croatia was admitted to the European ERM II exchange rate mechanism together with Bulgaria in July 2020. The state must remain in this regime for at least two years before it can adopt the euro.

There are currently 19 euro area countries in the euro area, namely Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. .

With the exception of Denmark, all member states of the European Union, ie the Czech Republic, should adopt the euro one day. But Prague has repeatedly made it clear that this step will not rush. Dnsko negotiated a permanent exemption with the British immediately at the arrest and does not have to introduce the euro. In the meantime, Britain withdrew from the European Union.

The Czech Republic has committed itself to adopting the euro by signing accession treaties to the EU. esk veejn mnn ale nen pijet euro long-term inclined.