Police in the Olomouc region uncovered an organized group of meth producers. The drug was distributed to the Czech Republic and Poland. Seven people were charged, one of the perpetrators is on the line and the police are after him, said Jan Lisick, head of the general crime department.

Lisick said that the perpetrator came from Umbrian, where meth was produced in difficult conditions.

According to criminologists, the accused have produced at least 6.5 kilograms of meth since the autumn of 2020.

This is still the largest impact on the drug scene in the region. Seven breweries were found during the house searches. Eight plates of police officers, including units from the Olomouc Region as well as police officers from the surrounding regions, were found arrested, Lisick said.

The police intervention was preceded by many criminologists. The suspects are accused of illicit drug production on a large scale, working in several states, he added.

Seven is between the ages of thirty and fifty, said police spokesman Libor Hejtman.

As members of the organized group, they were involved in the organization and trade in chemicals needed for the illegal production of meth. From the purchase of chemical substances, live and other necessary components, through the production itself and the subsequent distribution of the drug, the spokesman described.

They worked mainly in the Olomouc region, mainly in the district of Umperk and in the Pardubice region, but thus in the Republic of Poland. They formed an organized group of people in which he had his debt, said Hejtman. Their goal was the maximum financial gain.

Members from the toxins of the police land departments of Olomouc, Umperk, Prostjov, Perov and Jesenk worked on their seizures. Police officer from the ZONA emergency department and escort department of the regional directorate

During the action, the police carried out twenty-seven house searches. There were seven laboratories with chemicals and tools needed to produce methamphetamine and thus more needed to distribute it. One and a quarter kilograms of live preparations containing pseudoephedrine caused methamphetamine to be produced, according to one kilogram of meth, a million crowns and two motorcycles.

After seven fugitives, he died from Umpersk. He is about 185 centimeters tall and is of medium build, Hejtman added.

The citizens who saw the wanted person, or knew where he was, would immediately call the toll-free number 158 or contact the nearest police station, noting that the defendants were threatened with imprisonment for ten and eighteen years.