“The crew accomplished a feat.” Authorities have published a list of members of the deceased Il-76 crew in the Belgorod region

Office of the Governor and Government Orenburg region published a list of dead crew members of the Il-76 military transport aircraft, which crashed in Belgorod region.

By data authorities, among the victims of the incident are: commander Bezzubkin, assistant commander Chmirev, navigator Vysokin, flight engineer Piluev, flight engineer Zhitenev, flight radio operator Sablinsky.

Commander of the Il-76 team shot down by the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU), was a native Tambov Stanislav Bezzubkin. About it told governor Tambov region Maxim Egorov. He brought condolences to the relatives of his fellow countryman and all members of the “heroic crew.”

The crew accomplished a feat: the pilots took the downed aircraft away from the village of Yablonovo so that civilians would not be harmed

Maxim Egorov

Governor of the Tambov region

Russia points to Kyiv’s involvement in the Il-76 crash

The governor of the Tambov region confirmed that there were Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers on board, who were later supposed to exchange on Russian military personnel. He emphasized that the Ukrainian side had received notification of the plane’s route.

What happened was a vile and cowardly stab in the back. I am sure that the perpetrators will answer for this crime to the fullest.

Maxim Egorov

Governor of the Tambov region

In turn, the head Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov indicated on Kyiv’s admission of involvement in the crash of the Il-76. According to him, Ukraine immediately after the incident declared its “another victory,” however, having learned the details of what kind of flight it was, it immediately began to “sweep under the carpet” bravura messages about their “victories.”

The minister noted that Kyiv could not have been unaware of the preparations for the exchange of prisoners of war. He also emphasized that currently Moscow the facts of the plane crash and the reasons why Kyiv committed “this criminal act” are established.

The Il-76 crew will be presented with state awards posthumously

IL-76 crashed in the Belgorod region on Wednesday, January 24. Incident confirmed Russian Ministry of Defense. As the department indicated, on board the aircraft there were six crew members, 65 captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as three accompanying persons. They were transported for exchange.

How stated head of the committee State Duma on defense Andrey KartapolovUkraine shot down an Il-76 with three Patriot or IRIS-T surface-to-air missiles.

Crew and commander of the Il-76 will present to state awards posthumously. Commander Stanislav Bezzubkin will receive an award for preventing the plane from falling on the village of Yablonovo, which is located northeast of Belgorod.

Governor of Zaporozhye region Evgeny Balitsky as a former pilot in conversation with RIA News confirmed that the footage of the Il-76 crash in the Belgorod region clearly shows that the pilots diverted the plane from the populated area.

I saw the video, but, unfortunately, it was not of high quality in order to fully understand the nature of the missile hit. But the missile could cause damage to the plane in a way that we would not be able to see from such a distance. But the fact that the pilots diverted the plane from the populated area is clearly visible in the footage – they turned away from the populated area in a left-handed downward spiral

Evgeny Balitsky

Governor of Zaporozhye region

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