In March 2022, a bus driver dropped off a first grader in the cold. After that, he received a fine of five thousand rubles. The incident happened to a child in the Kirov region.

Photo: pixabay

According to the amendments to the Charter of Road Transport adopted at the beginning of 2021, such actions are considered illegal. The driver does not have the right to disembark minors under the age of 16 from the vehicle, even in case of non-payment of the fare. In such situations, the driver or conductor can only hand over the stowaway to the police.

It is known that the bus driver did not take the boy to the stop he needed and dropped him off in the cold. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office clarified that they had no information that the eight-year-old passenger had not paid the fare.

Due to the actions of the driver, the boy froze, got scared and experienced moral suffering. This became the basis for prosecutor’s claim for compensation for non-pecuniary damage. The court agreed with these demands and decided to recover 40,000 rubles from the carrier in favor of the child.

Such cases are not uncommon. So, for example, the network edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told about the fact that in the Sverdlovsk region, the conductor dropped off a child from a tram following route No. 10, who did not have enough two rubles to pay the fare in full.

There were two teenagers on the tram – a boy and a girl. The girl paid the fare. And the boy told the conductor that he did not have enough two rubles to pay for the ticket. In response, the conductor grabbed the child by the jacket and dropped him off the tram. The girl followed him too.