The Oktyabrsky District Court dismissed the case of violence against a policeman against Kirill Korolyov, a participant in an anti-war rally. The man was given a court fine, it follows from information on the website of the court. The case was closed on September 5th. drew attention of OVD-Info.

Details. Korolev’s lawyer Mark Alekseev told OVD-Info that he asked the court to dismiss the case and impose a court fine on Korolyov. According to him, the defendant compensated the harm to the injured policeman. The prosecutor’s office filed an appeal against the court’s decision to dismiss the case.

What you need to know. Kirill Korolyov was detained during an anti-war action on March 6 near house number 2 in Pirogov Lane. According to investigators, he pushed a police officer with both hands. The young man was under house arrest.

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