On Thursday, December 14, the Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg announced the verdict on 13 defendants in the case of theft of medicines for cancer patients in the amount of 11.5 million rubles. About it informs press service of the courts of the city.

Details. Of the 13 people, only four received real sentences. 53-year-old employee of a pharmaceutical company Sergei Voitovich, who is considered the organizer of the group, received 3.5 years in prison, his wife Alesya Voitovich received 2.5 years in prison, and Yevgeny Kolesnik, an employee of the First Medical University, received 3.5 years in prison.

The remaining defendants received fines of up to 90,000 rubles and suspended sentences.

Only Mikhail Sharshin, who worked at the N.I. Petrov. The rest either denied their involvement, or admitted in part.

The crux of the matter. According to investigators, for five years the defendants illegally removed expensive medicines from the territory of medical institutions, purchased with budget money for the treatment of cancer patients. The total amount of drugs is estimated at 14.5 million rubles. Stolen drugs were allegedly re-introduced through pharmacies and private clinics, which resold them to regional healthcare institutions.

The defendants were detained in October 2020. Then 16 people were involved in the case, including nurses. At the same time, a source in one of the oncology dispensaries said that the nurses took away the remains of ampoule medicines, and not vital drugs.

Police reportedthat during 35 searches at the places of work and residence of the suspects, about 30 million rubles, about 100 gold bars, as well as medicines worth more than 100 million rubles were seized.

What you need to know. During searches, a lot of packages of anticancer and antitumor drugs and solutions of Erbitux, Halaven, Avegra, Vectibix, Opdivo, Carboplatin, Mitomycin-S Kiova, Fluorouracil-RONC were seized from the suspects , “Oxaliplatin” and others.

At the same time, doctors doubt that such drugs can be stolen from medical facilities. Oncologist from St. Petersburg anonymously told “Paper”that these drugs are targeted to specific patients.

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