Women complain that the Russian president wants to meet with “pocket mothers” who will only ask questions that are convenient for him.

Putin wants to meet with Russian women / video screenshot

relatives mobilized Russians and conscripts demand a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Organizer of the Council of Mothers and Wives Olga Tsukanova wrote down appeal-response to statements that Putin is going to meet with the mothers of the occupiers. It turned out that no one from the Council of Mothers and Wives was invited to the meeting.

“Are you a man or what? Do you have the courage to openly meet not with the pocket women agreed by you, mothers, but with real ones who from different cities came here to you at their own expense? We are here in Moscow, ready to meet with you,” the Russian woman was outraged.

Mobilization in Russia

On September 21, Russia announced partial mobilization. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 82,000 people called up as part of partial mobilization have already been sent to the front. Another 218 thousand allegedly come. According to media estimates, Russia actually collected at least 492 thousand mobilized.

Mobilized Russians are sent to the front, without proper security. As evidenced by the intercepts, they also do not receive the promised cash payments.

It was reported that the Russian military command deceived sends mobilized to infantry units.

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