However, in the rest of Russia the gap is growing much faster.

CIAN analysts exploredhow much wages and housing costs have changed in various cities of the country from July 2020 to July 2022. It turned out that in no region did the increase in income even come close to being able to compensate for the increase in prices. So, on average in Russia, wages increased by 4.8%, and the cost of housing – by 48.9%. And the worst situation is in Krasnodar – there, in two years, a square meter has risen in price by 73%, while wages have grown only by 6.2%.

As for Moscow, our situation is also rather sad (although it is incomparably better than Krasnodar) – the salaries of city residents have increased by an average of 13%, and housing has risen in price by 30%. That is, income growth lags behind by a little more than two times – by 17%. And this is practically the best indicator in the country – we lost only to Vladivostok, where residents began to receive 10% more, and prices increased by 26%, that is, the gap was 16%.

And our eternal “competitor” St. Petersburg is also not doing very well – apartments have increased in price by 47%, but wages have grown by only 3%.